The best time to Visit Ho Chi Minh

Le Duy Hotel, prime location in Ho Chi Minh
12 Sep

The best time to Visit Ho Chi Minh – Le Duy Hotel, prime location in Ho Chi Minh

Best Time to Visit Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon has a pleasant climate year-round with two distinct seasons – The dry season is December-April when it is hot and humid and May-November is the rainy season or Monsoon Season when the sun shines but there are regular showers and humidity. The dry season is considered the optimum time to visit and most tourists avoid the super hot months of March, April and May. Restaurants, public transport and stores close or have shorter hours over the national holidays.

Dry Season – December-April, 30.6°C-35°C

There is a vast difference in the amount of rainfall registered in the dry season as compared to the wet season. March to May is the hottest time of year and December can get chilly in the evenings. So if rain does bother you then stick to the dry season. February is the absolute driest month with literally no rainfall and the month with the most daylight hours. Of the dry season months December and April are the wettest although April is also the hottest month of the year. Visiting during Tet (the Vietnamese New Year) at the end of January and beginning of February is a time for big celebrations in Saigon with street decorations and festivities. During this time locals leave the city to visit their hometowns and those who remain in the city frequent Buddhist temples.

The Spring Flower Festival coincides with the New Year celebrations. You should try to visit Nguyen Hue Street during the Spring Flower Festival when it is lined with flowers, art displays and food vendors. Tao Dan Cultural Park is another great place to be during the flower festival. Visiting during the Buddhist holidays is also a special experience.

The Lantern Festival follows Tet and is celebrated in District 5 where most of the Chinese community resides. There are street performances, drums, art displays, parades and traditional decorative lanterns in the streets. During these festive seasons prices of hotels and flights are at their peak.  Liberation Day is marked on April 30th. In December the temperatures are cold for Vietnam but still mild for Westerners. Christmas and New Year are celebrated with street decorations and Christmas trees but stores remain open and it is not a public holiday.

Wet Season (Monsoon Season) – May – November, 33.3°C-30.6°C

June and September tend to be the wettest months of the year and May the mildest of the wet season months. May is also the hottest of the wet season months with average temperatures of 33.3°C while November is the “coolest” of the wet months. May Day or International Workers’ Day is observed on May 1st with official ceremonies and parades. National Day on September 2nd is celebrated to commemorate the Vietnam declaration of Independence from France in 1945. On June 1st there are special performances and activities for kids to mark International Children’s Day although attractions and stores stay open. The Southern Fruit Festival takes place in June coinciding with the Tet Doan Ngo Festival. The Southern Fruit Festival is marked with about 50 arts and crafts stalls set up on the streets, a parade, traditional performances and village games especially near Suoi Tien Amusement Park. Budget travelers will find the best deals from May to September and if you don’t mind the occasional thunder storm and down pour then you can find good deals from May to November. The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in September or October and best experienced in District 5 where the Chinese reside. Luong Nhu Hoc Street is especially beautiful during this festival with lion dancing, folk singing, brightly colored lanterns and lights.

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Le Duy Hotel nestled close to the heart of Saigon, and has been consistently rated one of the best city’s gems. With an experienced and dynamic team, we aim to capture the essence of our culture and simplify them into routines and moments to remember. We passionately hope that the richness of the Vietnamese culture and our unique lifestyle are things that every guest should experience wholeheartedly.


Our hotel in Saigon consists of 20 spacious suites. From furniture to fittings, every one of our suites combines the finest local character with an edgy twist, designed specifically to be as cozy as possible.


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